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Audi Paints The Town Blue And Yellow In Cool New Ad Campaign

Writes Eddie Tomalin

Audi's latest ad packs a rather painty punch. This isn't your normal tyre-squealing race to the finish line. This one includes bonnet-mounted guns.

Yes, you read correctly - guns, well paintball guns to be precise. As part of the latest promotion for the new 2013 RS 4 Avant, the kind creatives at Audi thought the recipe to their next social video success would be sealed by bonnet-mounted paintball guns. 

And judging by the Viral Video Chart stats, they are absolutely correct. Since its launch on February 26, it has attracted over 175,000 shares, making it the fifth most shared ad of the week.

The two-minute clip - which looks and feels like an episode of Top Gear - is fired up with an 80s soundtrack, some slo-mo low angled cameras and some seriously grunty autos.

It's blue vs yellow in an all-out assault. Who wins? Well, I won't spoil it for you. You can find out for yourselves below.  

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