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New VW Ad Proves That Life Is Too Short - Really, Really Short

If you are making an ad in which someone's life flashes in front of their eyes it kind of makes sense to make them young. Why? Because it's easier - less to cram into such a short space of time. 

So using a newborn baby seems like a pretty smart move: babies are always cute (just about) and it saves on filming costs. In the case of Volkswagen's new commercial for the Jetta, Baby, it's a masterstroke.

The ad, created by Deutsch Inc., features a young couple driving away from the hospital with their firstborn. It's a proud and emotional moment for any new parents, but suddenly their joy is interrupted by a badly-driven van, which cuts right into their path.

Dad slams on the brakes of his new Jetta, while a shocked baby's very short life suddenly flashes in front of its eyes, which basically consists of the earlier scenes of the ad. 

But there is nothing to worry about, dad's brakes are very effective and the crisis is averted with minimum fuss.

It's an auspicious moment to base an auto-safety video around, and a perfect one for the German auto brand, which is fine-tuning its Jetta targeting to include young married couples, as well as singles.

Indeed, as any parents know, you may never have driven as fearfully as when you pulled away from the hospital with your firstborn.

"It's such a universal story, and every parent can relate to it," said Deutsch group creative director Michael Kadin, in an interview with Adweek. "But it has the Volkswagen twist of seeing it through a 3-day-old baby's eyes."

Launched a week ago, in its short life the ad has so far attracted only 8,000 shares online, but we expect it to mature soon enough.

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