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Meet the Dipr, This Year's Most Pointless Invention

It's the age old problem - you dip your cookie in a glass of milk, it breaks, and by the end of your drink you're left with an unappetising soggy brown goo.

But never fear, the Dipr is here to relieve you of not only crumbling cookies, but also the ever bothersome wet fingers you get from dipping.

Designed to hold your sandwich cookie as you dip, the Dipr is available in a range of colours and is soon to come in animal character form.

Comments show that it is 'genius' and one woman even claims that her children will no longer eat Oreos without the Dipr. It's at this point that the unavoidable question rears it's head - what is the point?

Your children are too lazy and dependent on a pointless tool that they won't use their fingers to eat a biscuit? Your idea of genius is a curved piece of wire on the end of a stick? Does eating cookies really cause people this much stress?

The ad seems almost as pointless as the product, earning only 189 shares.

If a product like this can't even do well in the Oreo-loving USA, we can't see it taking off worldwide.


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