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Tribe With Tiny Hands Get Passionate About Pringles

Everybody knows that sensation. The frustrating,  hand-crushing, finger-twisting stretch to the bottom of the Pringles tube for those last few delicious chips. These recently discovered films show that one Amazonian tribe has conquered this problem.

The Jinsuepi tribe have lived the jungle undisturbed by the outside world for centuries, that was until a plane crash brought Pringles into their isolated world.

Once they popped their first tube, the tribe couldn't stop, soon their culture revolved around the curvy crisps. This film, recently recovered from the files of a 'famous anthropologist', shows the extraordinary lengths the Jinsuepi went to in their passion for Pringles.

The anthropologist explains that the tribe wrap up one of their hands to stop it from growing. This leaves them with one tiny hand, useless for all but one thing.

At the summer solstice, the tribe gather for an important ritual. Drums play, the tribe dances and the little limbs are unwrapped...all so the tribe can pick Pringles out of the tube.

Unfortunately for the anthropologist, he points out that the chips can just be poured out of the tube. The tribe quickly subdue him with a blowpipe dart.

Put together by Grey, Mexico, the ad was launched yesterday but has already been seen over 100 times. With a dark sense of humour and a quirky delivery, we're sure this ad is bound to set the internet's jungle drums beating.

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