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Miranda Kerr Sings In Japanese Iced Tea Commercial

It seems here are no limits to Miranda Kerr's talents. Not only can the Australian supermodel stand around and wear clothes, she can also sing a bit too.

So when she was given the chance to showcase both of her talents in one ad for Lipton Iced Tea, she leapt at the opportunity.

However, it was not without its challenges. Firstly, it's a Japanese commercial; a problem the Victoria's Secret Angel soon solved by simply singing the name of the brand, Limone, over and over again.

The second challenge was a little tougher: how to keep a straight face, especially after being handed the drink by a man dressed in a cape and mask.

Thankfully, ever the professional, Kerr managed both beautifully. However, her performance (and her shapely legs) were not enough to stop critics from lambasting the ad for being 'too weird'.

All we have to say to that is by Japanese standards, it's actually quite boring.

Via: AdFreak.

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Reader Comments (1)

So Japanese!!! No wonder she's one of the best models in America!

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