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Hedgehogs Rejoice Over Lactose-Free Milk

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. The poor, prickly little chaps never get to enjoy a glass of cold milk or a steamy hot latte. 

That has now changed thanks to Lactofree milk, created by Arla, which we assume is suitable for lactose-intolerant humans, as well as prickly rodents.

This ad, from Wieden+Kennedy, London, features the least cuddly of small mammals enjoying milky products for the first time thanks to Lactofree. The product may be aimed at a human audience, but the ad certainly makes us feel happy for the hedgehogs. 

The ad appeared in an ad break during ITV's Coronation Street, but has been snuffling around YouTube since 22 February.

In that short time, the ad has attracted over 9,000 views and enthusiastic comments from hedgehog fans and the lactose intolerant alike.

Directed by Paul King, who also directed The Mighty Boosh, it's hardly surprising there are surreal scenes of hedgehogs eating cheesy pizza on romantic dates. 

Nor is it a shock that this is a Wieden+Kennedy ad. The agency had a massive success with another surreal fusion of animals and dairy products last year with their Cats With Thumbs campaign for Cravendale.

So, curl up into a cosy, protective ball and raise a glass of non-lactose milk to Wieden+Kennedy's latest offering.

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