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Naked Ambition Drives New Interactive Peugeot Ad 

Peugeot's new interactive ad campaign for the 208 certainly has balls. 

Called 'Let Your Body Drive', the daring ad puts you in the shoes (if he had any) of a naked South African guy after he is forced to wander the streets after being caught cheating on his girlfriend.

The commercial plays out a number of scenarios in which you decide which path he takes. One false step, and the video will end. Choose all the right options, and he ends up in the arms of his beautiful (if slightly annoying girlfriend) again.

So what's a nude, philandering South African got to do with the new Peugeot? Well, according to the French auto manufacturers, the message is clear: the Peugeot 208 is the car for those seeking intense sensations.

And there are certainly plenty of them to keep you amused on your journey, including cheeky kids on bikes, irate Chinese store owners and some pixilated privates. 

The entertaining interactive campaign is the follow-up to the highly successful Peugeot's Motion & Emotion Show, filmed in Rio de Janeiro back in December 2011, which attracted over 5.3 million views on YouTube.

Disclosure: Unruly is distributing this video on behalf of Peugeot. This post is not part of the commercial plan and is written by the editorial team at Unruly, whose opinions are always independent, sometimes scurrilous, and never knowingly under-researched.

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