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Shoppers Dress Up Like Mice And Act Like Loons For Free Food

It really is a sad indictment on the human race the lengths that people will go to just to get something for free.

Yep, we are that vulnerable when it comes to the lure of getting something for nothing. Let's face it, given the choice, most would probably queue up for a bag of sheep's testicles if it came free with a packet of Shreddies

It's a theory that agency Clemenger BBDO is keen to test. A few months back, the first installment of their campaign, "How far will you go for Fantastic Delites?", saw people slavishly following the commands of a particularly sadistic vending machine, just to win a free pack of Delites snacks.

In their latest campaign, they brought their research into the lab, getting mall shoppers to dress up in giant mouse costumes and run on a giant wheel inside a cage.

Egged on by small crowd and video messages displayed on the screen of a snack dispenser, those who manage to stay upright until the end are rewarded with a free packet of the flavoured rice snack. 

The result? Well, a good, creative idea that delivers some good slapstick moments. Indeed, the new campaign could well prove to be a big win for the agency, but a big loss for humanity.

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