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Twitter Releases Hilarious Budget Recruitment Ad

That's right! Twitter are recruiting. Question is: will this hilarious new spot lure applicants?

The online social networking platform have taken its latest recruitment efforts into its own hands - in what may possibly be the best budget effort since the hilarity of Chuck Testa last year.

If you've not been on this planet, Testa shot to viral fame with his taxidermy ad created by Rhett & Link. The reason behind its success? Because it was so deliberately bad, it was good. Hilarious, in fact.

It's a strategy Twitter has used in its latest campaign. From fake backdrops to appalling cut scenes, this ad has it all. Every box in the terrible ad column ticked.  

I find their comedic use of Word Art-like fonts fitting, but I'm glad they didn't go as far as using comic sans, though, that would have been a step too far if you ask me. 

This comical effort has already drawn the attention of over half a million YouTube viewers in the past 3 days and numbers will no doubt continue to swell as the social word spreads. 

So, be sure to join the flocks of people who have already watched this video below.  

It's a winner!

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