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Cute Video Of The Day: Orangutans Love Their iPads

iPad? There's an ape for that. Orangutans, to be exact. At least that is according to researchers at Milwaukee County Zoo, who believe these great apes in particular have an 'innate' ability to use Apple iPads.

And just in case you did not believe them, there is some video evidence below of the project, called 'Apps for Apes'.

It shows the orangutans indulging in a bit of finger painting and playing around on a variety of free music apps.

They also like nothing better than to watch videos of other creatures in the zoo (particularly orangutans of the opposite sex, predictably) and even the interactive books. 

In fact, 'the Apple iPad is a perfect device for orangutans,' say the researchers.

Why? Because they get bored easily, more so than the chimps or gorillas, and are always looking for visual stimulation.

However, the research team hopes to speak to Apple engineers about the possibility of making iPads more 'orangutan-proof', as these powerful creatures have a habit of destroying them.

I know how they feel sometimes. 

Via MailOnline.

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