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E*Trade Baby Is Best Man At A Wedding In Latest Super Bowl Ad

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If E*Trade has learned anything over the last few years, it is that. 

Sure, when they first unleashed the E*Trade Baby on an unsuspecting Super Bowl public three years ago, they had no idea how it would go down.

After all, a talking baby was hardly the most original concept in the world, even if he was a particularly charming one. But the following day, E*Trade registered more new accounts than it had on any other day in the company's history - and that was that.

Now the E*Trade baby is one of the most famous spots in Super Bowl history and one of the most recognised advertising characters of the last few years. 

He's part of the Super Bowl furniture. A Super Bowl without the E*Trade Baby just wouldn't be right, so it is just as well they have released a funny new spot promoting their new 360 Dashboard.

It features the E*Trade Baby as a best man at a wedding. Yep, you really must be unpopular if your best man is a baby. Admittedly, a talking one, but still a baby.

So it is no surprise that the father of the bride is a little bit anxious about his daughter's choice of husband. (Can you blame him?) Thankfully, as his best 'man' reminds him, E*Trade has just launched its new 360 investing dashboard, which allows him to keep better control of his finances.

So his new bride's dad can be assured that he is not going to lead his daughter into poverty anytime soon.

However, not even the 360 Dashboard can help with the fact he has a baby as his best man. No wonder her dad is watching him. The whole world should be.

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