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Sky's Mad Dogs Live To Fight Another Day

Sky is investing heavily in British-made drama and comedy at the moment, so it is not surprising that they have decided to bring one of their most successful series back for a second run.

Yep, Mad Dogs, the black comedy/psychological thriller that saw four friends endure the holiday from hell, has returned for another four-episode stint, and looks certain to thrill us with yet more torrid tales of crime, backstabbing and explosions.

But what can we learn about the new series from the trailer? Well, to be honest, more of the same.

In fact, the video (below) is very similar to the ones artist and photographer David LaChapelle made for the first series; essentially a series of highly-stylised clips stitched together at varying frame rates.

The new promo is also very reminiscent of the trailer for the movie The Hangover, as if what we’re seeing is what would happen if the Hangover was fused with a Snatch/Lock Stock era Guy Ritchie.

Let’s just hope this follow-up has more to offer than The Hangover 2.

Mad Dogs 2 starts this Thursday, January 19, at 9pm on Sky1.

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