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Top 10 Most Shared Hurricane Irene Videos

Hurricane Irene has swept across the US coastline, leaving a trail of devastation.

Over 3 million people have been left without power, while it has claimed the lives of 44 people to date.

It has also spawned thousands of videos from would-be journalists and unforgettable news stories that have spread across YouTube and the Viral Viral Chart.

So as US citizens sift through the wreckage, here at Meme Machine we have compiled a chart of the most popular Hurricane Irene videos.

This is based on the number of times they have been shared on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

Clips include incredible footage from the International Space Station, unfortunate news reporters and heroic members of the public.

You can watch the top 20 here, or if you cannot wait that long, the top 10 is below.


10. Hurricane Irene Reporter Gets Covered In Sea Foam And Sewage - 8/27/11

9. Station Cameras Capture New Views of Major Hurricane Irene


8. Hurricane Irene Live! Insane Footage!


7. Hurricane Irene 2011: Atlantis, Bahamas


6. UFO Filmed By Astronauts Flying Over Hurricane Irene 8-26-2011


5. Hurricane Irene, Update August 26 2011


4. Amazing Hurricane Irene Wind Video - Nassau, Bahamas (Paradise Island)


3. Hurricane Irene, National Guard Almost Drown Manville, NJ


2. Hurricane Irene Shark In The Street


1. Weather Channel Streaker - Weather Channel Flasher - Weather Channel Fail - Hurricane Irene

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