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Top 20 Most Popular Car Commercials

There was a time when a lot of car ads looked pretty much the same.

The blueprint was simple. First you would need a sweeping vista: usually a mountainous area in the middle of the desert.

Then you would throw in some adverse weather conditions, the odd explosion (because that happens a lot in deserts), and some imagery (a horse maybe).

Thankfully, there are plenty who have broken the mould. In fact, you only need to look at the Viral Video Chart's global ads chart to know that car commercial are now among the most watched on the web.
But which are the best?

Well, here at Meme Machine, we have compiled a chart of the top 20 most popular, based on the number of times they have been shared on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

So start your engines and get ready for one hell of a ride.


20. Dream Harmonic - Corolla + Miku: Big Dream

Brand: Toyota

Shares: 51,067

Views: 1,319,507

19. Audi Big Game Commercial 2011 - Release the Hounds

Brand: Audi

Shares: 51,868

Views: 2,061,216

18. MINI Countryman TV Commercial: Flow

Brand: MINI

Shares: 52,416

Views: 853,254

17. Nissan commercial

Brand: Nissan

Shares: 65,808

Views: 7,981,746


16. New TV Commercial 'Sorry'

Brand: Mercedes-Benz

Shares: 88,376

Views: 1,249,336


15. BMW 1M - Helipad - MPowered Performance Part 2

Brand: BMW

Shares: 99,183

Views: 1,415,877


14. Fast Lane - The Slide

Brand: Volkswagen

Shares: 102,008

Views: 2,422,845


13. Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Official Commercial

Brand: Lamborghini

Shares: 132,259

Views: 632,828


12. Buying a Volkswagen from an old lady...

Brand: Volkswagen

Shares: 135,580

Views: 3,442,213

11. Black Beetle: Volkswagen Commercial

Brand: Volkswagen

Shares: 171,778

Views: 5,782,173


10. Dodge Challenger Freedom Commercial

Brand: Chrysler

Shares: 183,591

Views: 2,201,641


9. Funny commercial: beauty is nothing without brains

Brand: Mercedes-Benz

Shares: 202,794

Views: 8,562,101


8. Roger Federer pranks his coach by hitting tennis balls into his Mercedes

Brand: Mercedes-Benz

Shares: 210,326

Views: 1,723,178


7. BMW 1M - Walls - MPowered Performance Part 1

Brand: BMW

Shares: 356,704

Views: 2,453,174


6. Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial - Imported From Detroit

Brand: Chrysler

Shares: 408,267

Views: 14,154,968


5. 2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial | Black Sheep Kia Hamsters Video

Brand: Kia

Shares: 479,496

Views: 4,592,426


4. Piano stairs -

Brand: Volkswagen

Shares: 503,407

Views: 15,846,508


3. Nissan - Pôneis Malditos

Brand: Nissan

Shares: 829,102

Views: 10,617,227



Brand: Toyota

Shares: 975,594

Views: 10,141,045


1. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Brand: Volkswagen

Shares:  4,287,666

Views: 43,241,833

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