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Sad Keanu Interview On The BBC's Breakfast Show

"Hey there Keanu, it's about time someone said it: your picture makes us feel sad. God, I hope you read Reddit!"

Well, at least now we know Keanu reads Reddit, as good ol Susanna Reid and Charlie Stayt, of the BBC's Breakfast Show quizzed him on his Sad Keanu meme, made popular by the social bookmarking site last year.

Sad Keanu started out as a 'paperazoo' picture of the Matrix actor eating a sandwich and looking a bit glum on a bench in New York.

This then spread through 'shopped images and image macros across Reddit and Tumblr in June 2010, culminating in a Cheer Up Keanu Day and this song.

Since Sad Keanu we've had Tai Chi Keanu, Happy Keanu, Dancing Keanu and recently Holy Keanu. The man is Meme personified!

I hope the next Keanu we see is Finally In a Decent Movie Keanu. The guy has had no luck with films since A Scanner Darkly and then his screen time was all doodle-y.

Here he is trying to promote another terrible effort called Henry's Crime, but getting hoodwinked into Sad Keanu chatter.

In honour of the Keanu meme, check out this custom Keanu ViralVideoChart logging the rise and falls of Keanu videos.

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