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Meme Machine Is Moving Back In With The Parents

The dusty cardboard boxes are cluttering up our hall, the delivery van is booked and we have already said our sad farewells to our slightly annoying neighbours.

That’s right, Meme Machine is moving back home. After almost three years living it up in our very own little domain, we have decided to take advantage of the generous living space offered by our parent company Unruly. We are moving up in the world.

So from Monday onwards, please visit our new domain,, for your daily fix of what’s new in the world of social video advertising.

Don’t cry! We are going to a better place. 


Google Chromecast Promises Affordable TV Magic In Latest Tech Spot

Yes, we're aware we're talking about Google for the second day in a row. But when a spot like their 'Chromecast' teaser drops, you can't help but get excited.

Using a simple USB attachment, the device appears to supply easy computer-to-TV mirroring for whatever you happen to be watching. Even better? It only costs $35.

The ad shows a whole variety of situations in which Chromecast comes to the rescue: showing off some basketball recaps, seeing Justin Timberlake in his full glory, even watching 'The Dark Knight' in half-hearted costume.

Scored with some rousing Greek folk music, the spot is a simple and effective display of the central product. While there is already some discussion concerning the gadget's platform compatibility, the price-tag certainly has a lot of people excited.

Trending on Unruly's Viral Video Chart with 20,000 shares since yesterday, expect to hear a lot more about this clever gizmo in the coming weeks.


Google Tablet Becomes Your Trusty Sidekick In Heartwarming New Spot

It's tough being a teen. You feel confused, socially-awkward and your fashion sense is destined to look completely absurd in just a few short years. 

It's a rich topic that has inspired film and TV directors for years. Now Google has gotten in on the action with a a charming new ad for their new Nexus 7 tablet. Although, in truth, it feels more like very its own coming-of-age film.

The video follows an adolescent boy as he battles to overcome his 'glossophobia' - a.k.a fear of public speaking.

The boy's struggles with anxiety are all communicated through a relationship with technology. He pores over the film 'The King's Speech'. He googles great speechmakers. Fittingly, he adds Spoon's 'The Underdog' to his inspirational playlist.

How 'Fear Less' ends up is fairly predictable, but so are most teen movies. Agency Mullen San Francisco's triumph is producing a short which feels like a sweet, indie film (specifically this sweet, indie film) while realistically showcasing the product.

Only released yesterday, we'll have to wait to see how Google's spot performs online. While we think the spot is absolutely worth a watch, we're also aware that getting dating tips from Google is a recipe for trouble.

You've been warned. 


'Place Beyond The Pines' Director Brings Cinematic Sweep To Sports Ad

Big-name film directors dabbling in advertising is hardly anything new. Just as George Clooney or Scarlett Johansson help steer a brand in front of the camera, you only need to have a quick read of the video credits to see how many cinematic heavyweights are running the show at the other end.

Indeed, some of the most notable helmers in the business have turned their hands to directed commercials at some stage in their careers.

Play a quick game of Advertising 'Six Degrees of Connection' and you will see what I mean.

Ridley Scott directed Apple's legendary '1984' ad, as well as Brad Pitt in 'Thelma & Louise'. Brad Pitt starred in David Fincher's 'Se7en', as well as his Super Bowl spot for Budweiser. Wes Anderson similarly took on a beer brand with this hilarious ad for Stella Artois, before directing Edward Norton in 'Moonrise Kingdom'. And, full circle, Edward Norton starred in Ridley Scott's 'Hannibal'!

Phew, wasn't that fun?

This is a long-winded way of saying that we love 'star director' commercials, including Derek Cianfrance's new series for Dick's Sporting Goods. Though Cianfrance isn't as recognizable a name as those directors yet, his Ryan Gosling-starring 'Blue Valentine' and 'Place Beyond The Pines' have helped push him towards the big-time.

The ad, called 'Every Snap', takes a cinematic one-shot approach to the tense moment between plays during an American football game. While it's only had 3,500 shares so far, we hope Cianfrance continues to bring his unique flair to branded content. 


Need For Weeds: Honda Creates World's Fastest Lawn Mower

With tennis, cricket, and golf dominating tellies and desktops in recent weeks, Great Britain is already craving its next sporting fix. I mean, we don't even have a #royalbaby to anticipate anymore!

Never a brand to take half-measures, Honda's new spot looks to inject a little sporting dynamism into everyday life. Because what's more hum-drum than mowing the garden, really?

They show off their customized HF2260 lawn mover (nicknamed 'The Mean Mower') in this new spot, cutting between some cozy domestic scenes and our silent driver roaring across some unkempt grass.

As far as practicality goes, it's a little insane. Is anyone so intensely busy that they need a 130mph lawn mower? Surely, a gardener would be the smart (not to mention, eco-friendly) choice at that point.

But, as with almost all car ads, practicality is trumped by firepower. And we have to admit, the sight of a seemingly bog-standard garden implement drifting like its in The Fast And The Furious is rather impressive. 

The ad itself has been equally speedy, gathering 29,000 shares since its release last week. 


Heineken Plays Roulette With Travel, Sends Tourists On Improvised Adventures

As summer rolls on, the number of friends' enviable holiday albums I've seen just keeps adding up. Well, that is a nicely-framed shot of a cocktail. Oh, you learnt how to surf, did you? I'm struggling to contain how happy I am for you.

On the brink of bitterly deleting my Facebook account, I saw something that gave me a much-needed boost of vicarious adventure. I'm referring to the new stunt from Heineken, the kings of drop-everything-and-go tourism.

Picking up on their adventure series 'Dropped', the brand's new collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy similarly injects spontaneity into the lives of random travellers. The name of the spot, 'Departure Roulette', is fairly self-explanatory.

Erecting a custom departure board at JFK airport in New York, Heineken asked travellers to drop their immediate travel plans and travel somewhere completely different. The catch? That "more adventurous" location is randomly selected by the board.

As you'd expect, a lot of travellers are put off by the prospect. But the few who go through with it end up with tickets to Laos, Cyprus and Portugal (as well as slightly confused calls to their family to explain what the hell's going on).

If you're yearning for a little international travel yourself, 'Departure Roulette' is both a delightful and jealousy-inspiring watch. Here's hoping Heineken and W+K roll out this campaign to local bus stops.